Energy Supply

Water: The review was done and field studies, where the water will be  supply from available wells or the construction path It should be noted with according to closed orbit of water required in the water park will be provided once.

GAS: According to the gas pipeline near the set, the required gas supply - which is a maximum of 2500 cubic meters per hour - so it does not seem very difficult task to work

Electricity: Power supply with electric energy distributed generation is possible.

The goals of distributed generation:
1 - Production of electrical energy required
2 - Reduce the cost of network connectivity
3 - Transfer of surplus power to generate electricity and creation income
4 – use from gas fuel energy for other purposes such as: CHP-CCCHP-CE -IHES-MSW, Alph5 - Prevention of Environmental Pollution (built each 1MW units  will be stop from publishing pollutants 3900 tons of annual co2)
6 – efficiency high 90% from gas burning